We use the knowledge of centuries of coffee growing experience as a base to implement innovative and sustainable methods in our fields.

Ecoagrícola is a pioneer coffee grower in the Serra do Cabral, and its exclusive producer.

Our weather stations and monitoring systems measure things like temperature, radiation, rainfall and evaporation rates, to help with agricultural decisions.

We use our Precision Agriculture system to measure not only the average input needs for the whole plantation but also the different needs of every individual hectare, and then with the aid of GPS monitoring, we are able to ensure that each plant receives only the necessary nutrients.

When extra water is needed, we use our pivot irrigation systems with LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) technology. Usually pivot systems apply water to the whole plantation. The LEPA systems, oriented by the weather data, applies water only to the plants, just the necessary amount.

With the help of natural pheromones and recycled bottles, we build simple traps for pests like the berry borer.

All these systems help us save water, energy and other resources.