A high plateau, where nature is beautifully expressed.

Serra do Cabral

Although close to the Minas Gerais capital (Belo Horizonte, 300 km to the south), the Serra do Cabral is secluded, making it one of the best preserved lands in Brazil.

Located in the center-north part of Minas Gerais, in the greater Chapadas de Minas region, the Serra do Cabral plateau stands at 1.100 meters above see level.

It has innumerable springs, that form permanent streams, with abundant water, beautiful ponds and waterfalls. The rainy season goes from November to April, when the rainfall regime is huge.

The dry season goes from May to October.  During the harvest months (June to September) there is no rain at all, making it the ideal climate for drying coffees in our patios and raised beds.

The mild climate with sunny days and cool nights supply the ideal environment for the production of high quality beans.