Specialty coffees

When you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at your preferred café or at home, you may not know that a lot of energy was involved, from many dedicated people and through many years.

We start choosing the right place to plant, on our specific origin, the Serra do Cabral, with its own soil, altitude and climate characteristics, the terroir. The land is then prepared, while the best arabica coffee varietals are chosen to match that terroir.

The seeds are carefully sown, one by one, and taken care for six months, when they turn into seedlings and are planted in the fields. For three years they grow, under the sun, the rain, and the carefull attention of dedicated people, until the first harvest.

“Specialty coffees are a combination of high quality beans, sustainably grown, on a specific and traceable origin.”

These cherries are collected and slowly dried in patios until they reach the desirable humidity stage. Then they rest for several weeks, in cool and shaded conditions, to unveil their best characteristics.

The very best lots are then prepared, packed and shipped to the hands of our specialized partner roasters.

The roaster has the ability to extract the best performance of each specific coffee, through different roast profiles.

Then it is time for the barista to play with the coffee and prepare it on the most appropriate method, the one that you will enjoy and feel as to be the best.