We protect natural reserves where all sorts of animals live freely in their habitats. Birds that migrate from North to South America use these areas to feed and rest. The wild Concolor Puma is present in these lands, meaning that all the food chain is well preserved.

Our Native Species Nursery is set to serve the communities around us. We collect seeds from native plants and trees, all over the year, and care for them untill they are seedlings ready to go to the field. We then use them to enrich our land, as well as to donate to neighbors, local communities, city councils and schools, where kids learn about the species of our region and how to plant and care.

Also, we buy the local communities‘ products for our canteen, like fruits, cheeses, sweets, meats, breads. In the past, these small producers could not sell to companies, due to the lack of formal papers. We started a Fiscal Education program with them, altogether with Emater and now, besides supplying us, they are able to sell their produce to many markets.

Ecoagrícola is a Member of the Board of the Serra do Cabral State Park, which is 20 km from the farm. We participate in the park’s activities and both entities join forces on our Environmental Education programs, directed to schools and communities.

Our team is constantly trained and qualified, so we all can do a better job every day and year after year.

The farm is certified by the international institutions UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, ensuring the proper functioning of the whole process.